How to troubleshoot your TV at home !!

How to troubleshoot your TV at home

Troubleshoot tv at home

We are surrounded by electronics now a days. Television is a great medium to connect us to the world. We know many of our friends who can not live without watching tv everyday. Moreover, the technology of the tv has been changed in last decade from CRT to Smart Tv. However, electronics can anytime go bad or even die.

So here We would like to tell you some basics troubleshooting for the tv that you can do at home before calling a technician:

1) TV won’t turn on:

Check the power cord at the back of tv if it is connected properly to it and does not look damaged. Also, make sure it is plugged into the wall. Ensure the wall outlet has power by connecting other devices to it.

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2) If TV turns on but there is no picture

This is usually a common issue we see in new television sets.

Make sure your components (cable box, IPTV box,  DVD player, Blu-ray player, etc.) are properly plugged into the correct inputs slots.

Select the different inputs using your TV’s controls or the remote to see if the issue may be with a single input.

If you still see the issue, it could be a backlight issue or anything else.

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These are basic or common issues happen now a days.


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If you are unable to troubleshoot;

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