Oakville TV Repair

Oakville TV Repair

Dealing with electronics, we never know when it gets some electrical problem. Technology is getting advance with time. From Oakville TV repair experience, We know the quality of the TVs getting poor. If we compare the life of 90’s TV vs today LED or LCD then there is a remarkable. One of our friend still has its 98 model BW TV and working while on the other hand; at Oakville TV repair we repair almost newer televisions sometime. In some cases you can fix your television by yourself.


Oakville TV Repair technician repairing TV at Shop

Here are some of the common television issues:


  • No power light in TV and it does not turn on:

This is the most common and biggest issue we see; first you can check if the power cable is properly plugged in. Make sure you check both ends. Also ensure the wall power socket is working fine by plugging some other device.

  • TV shows lines on screen: When you see lines on the TV screen; if you are seeing it first time; try to reboot the TV. Unplugged the power cable and plug it back. Check if it gets fixed. If the problem is still there you can call Oakville TV Repair and ask for home service.
  • TV has sound but no picture: This is also another common problem found in today’s TVs, mainly in LED, LCD and Smart TV. The most common reason for this problem is bad backlight. LED and LCD TV have backlight on the back of the screen which helps in light up the activities happening on the screen.
  • How to test if backlight is bad on TV: To test if the backlight is not working on TV, simply take a torch or flash light; project it on the TV screen. You should be seeing the video or image playing on TV in that portion. If you see this; then Yes, The backlight has gone bad.

If you still need help with you TV Repair; Oakville TV Repair can certainly help you.

We provide free pick and delivery of Television for our customers. If you bring your television to our shop then we offer free repair estimate. In most cases we repair tv in one hour.

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